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Kindergarten – Grade 3

Because we believe that children are a gift from God, we are serious about training up children in the way they should go – in academics, behaviour, and relationships... in a fun way!

At RPCS, we researched how young children learn best and then structured our primary grades to follow best practices. Our kid-friendly hands-on approach is academically sound, age appropriate, artistically creative, socially interactive and fun! This multisensory approach to literacy and numeracy provides opportunities for a strong foundation and sets students up for success.

Putting the FUN back in Fundamentals!

Theme Based Learning
BC Curriculum
Strong Literacy & Numeracy Programs


Action Based Literacy Instruction

  • Animated Literacy

  • Saxon Phonics

Hands-on Learning

  • Literacy centres

  • Numeracy Centres

Caring Christian Atmosphere

  • Christian Principles like kindness, honesty, respect taught daily

  • fun action songs about godly character




Here at RPCS we have three targets for our lively elementary students:

1st target- to foster and support the transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".

2nd target – to create a love of learning and provide a wide knowledge base on which to build

3rd target - to manage time and materials in an orderly fashion

These three targets open up the world of knowledge to students and introduce them to new and interesting topics. Giving opportunity for them to dig into a topic sparks that love of learning. Then, of course, students need to be able to do all this within an appropriate time frame and "keep it all together" in an organized way so they can access it.

These three targets equip RPCS elementary students to be engaged, motivated, and successful learners.



Middle School


Middle School Grades 6-8

At this stage of life, the energetic "not quite teens" group thrives on doing. That's why the goal of RPCS Middle School is for their learning experiences to be meaningful and concrete. The development of a young person has so many aspects:
• character training
• higher order thinking
• Christian worldview
• solid basic skills
• healthy relationships
• a heart to serve others

At Ron Pettigrew Christian School, our students learn
reading,writing and arithmetic in many ways. Amazing science projects, lively debates, becoming familiar with God's Word and creation, quality oral and pictorial presentations, drama, sports, group projects, music , and lots of activity are the framework for student success. As the Bible says, they 'get wisdom, understanding, and discipline', learning teamwork and respect in a safe and dynamic learning environment!



High School


At Ron Pettigrew Christian School, a full BC curriculum as well as Christian studies lead to graduation with a BC Dogwood Diploma. Our teachers are BC certified and dedicated to student success. Small class sizes with hands-on instruction and learning activities equip RPCS students to achieve.

We give opportunity for students to develop character and competence that will be necessary as they leave school for further education, training or entering the work force. One emphasis is to equip each student to be a contributor for a lifetime.

RPCS high school students take a leadership role in developing our unique kindergarten through grade 12 school community. From chapel to mentoring to house teams, high school students interact and encourage younger students. As part of our well-rounded program, high school students may participate in sports, mission outreaches, and in-school activities.

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